Our home base

"Le Noell" or a bit of paradise for the youth of FIL


Our home base, called "Le Noell", is located in an exceptionally sunny environment in the middle of a 94 hectares of woods, with moors, prairies, and many streams.

"Le Noell" is situated at 4km from the village of Saint Laurent de Cerdans with the road ending at our front door; the center is located in a unique, safe setting. The center at "Le Noell" has welcomed thousands of young people over the years and and takes part in everyone's memory, and soon yours!

At "Le Noell", participants can enjoy the swimming-pool under a bright sun with tons of cosy spots outside. Several common rooms, one with a fireplace, house the crazy evening activities lead by our energetic team and not forgetting that they change for a night club party for the FIL participants the last night of the stay.

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The cosy bedrooms each with a bathroom can accommodate from 4 to 6.

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"Le Noell" is the ideal place for a FIL holiday surrounded by nature in a warm atmosphere.