The FIL Concept / Our Method

Learning French while spending unforgettable holidays is possible with FIL !




FIL is a French language immersion summer camp for teenagers in South of France.

A language holiday with FIL is a real adventure: on horseback, in a sailing boat, tackling ropes above a canyon, wake boarding  or on the beach, you’ll speak and learn French all day long. You improve French while having fun!

The participants come from anywhere in Europe and also from all over the world to spend an amazing time all together! Our groups are divided according to age: the "Juniors" are between 11 and 15, and the "Ados" are between 15 and 17. There are between 16 and 24 participants in each group with a minimum of 2 young French people as well as 2 to 3 energetic leaders who will accompany the teenagers during their stay!

Our method? We are convinced that you need to practice a lot to be able to speak a foreign language, so FIL's priority is to develop oral expression through daily French practice.
We encourage our participants to speak French all day long, in addition to the French workshops they have every day. Speaking the language of Molière must become automatic: they must live, feel, think and also dream in our language! And with FIL, they'll live in a French-speaking environment!

Spending a summer with FIL is sharing daily life in French in an international atmosphere! But it is also a lot of great activities, original and creative French lessons, meeting awesome people, and unforgettable moments!

What matters with FIL is to feel more comfortable with French and to have fun!