French workshops / Teaching method

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At FIL French summer camp, you’ll live in French all day long: through the French workshops led by members of the FIL team (7 workshops per stay), the daily activities done in French, friendships with young French speakers and native French young people. During the French workshops, you will be practicing three hours a day, at your own pace and in small groups of 6 to 8 people of the same level. You'll gain confidence which will make you feel -FIL ;-) like speaking French. You will quickly enlarge your vocabulary, learn new expressions and tell jokes in French!

The French learning sessions are very creative with FIL: role-playing games, interviews, radio or video reporting. You might try a new recipe, play games or hold debates.

Making all participants feel at ease in expressing their needs, their personalities and difficulties: that’s our aim. The FIL instructors are experienced and qualified to teach French as a foreign language and they know how to adapt the workshops perfectly with regard to each participant. With the FIL method, rather than being punished for any mistakes, the participants learn from them and receive constant guidance to have plenty of opportunity to express themselves in French and understand so much more!

b_280_0_16777215_00_images_photos_concept_atelier_concept_atelier_5.jpgWith FIL you learn how to put your French into practice by means other than at school.

In two weeks of immersion holiday with FIL, your French won’t be faultless but you’ll speak far more fluently living in a French-speaking environment. Thanks to our communicative, fun and very practical method, you'll be amazed by your progress.

With FIL, it’s more about speaking and expressing yourself in French in fun learning sessions than writing.


Minimum level required to attend a FIL French summer course: we expect you to have the basic knowledge needed to be able to express yourself in simple phrases and to follow the gist of a slow conversation with simple sentences. You will also need the motivation to make continuous efforts in French throughout the day. But that's it, just leave all the rest to us and relax!