FIL Intense 14 days

Each program has maximum 16 to 24 participants including minimum 2 young French people guided 24/7 by 2 to 3 native French instructors. They are together from morning till evening and they will enjoy these activities:


# Programme French: Intense (14 days)

  • French courses: 27 hours of French lessons (9 sessions during a stay).
  • Kayak and stand up paddle board on the Mediterranean Sea, a great time before sunset riding along the coast!
  • Treetop Adventure Park, different trails on trees for all levels.
  • Hiking in the Pyrénees Mountains close to the Spanish border
  • Canyoning parka great adventure in the heart of artificial canyons, 2 hours of descent activities in 14 swimming pools: abseils - jumps from 3 to 7 meters, passage under rock, slide... Supervised by licensed instructors.
  • Caving, Introduction to caving with visit/discovery in caves.
  • Cabaret, games and night activities at « Le Noell »: the FIL team organises activities every evening.
  • Shopping and visit of Céret, St Laurent de Cerdans and Argelès, Perpignan, Collioure, discovery of typical Catalan cities, places steeped in history, where you can shop in boutiques and buy souvenirs!
  • Swimming in the swimming pool at « Le Noell » & the Mediterranean Sea, relaxation, sunbathing and cooling off in the water!
  • An overnight bivouacwalking, barbecue, ideal for a beautiful evening under the stars!
  • Wakeboard / kneeboard, (teens +15 years old) spend an hour and half gliding on a lake via a water ski cableway, great fun guaranteed, from beginner to advanced! 
  • Aqua-jumping(teens -15 years old) spend an hour and half jumping on a lake on inflatable structures, great fun guaranteed!

And tons of other fun activities at "Le Noell"  to discover with your "animateurs" (instructors)!

** Optional extra activities:

  • Horseback riding, two half-day riding in the woods, on the path to discover the pleasure of horseback riding (to replace activities according to the schedule) +125 €
  • Intensive Horseback riding, 4 days riding and 3 nights in tipi and Cottage (to replace activities according to the schedule)  +550 € 
  • Scuba diving, scuba diving introduction, 1 half day discovering underwater wonderland of the natural marine reserve of Banyuls-Cerbère (to replace activities according to the schedule)  + 100 €

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NB: programs subjected to last minute changes (weather conditions, case of absolute necessity, etc.)

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